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SHR endorses the national certification programs offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and for the Electrical Industry Certifications Association (EICA) and provides training to prepare candidates for CCO and EICA examinations.

Enhancing safety standards and working practices across a variety of sectors, SHR Training offers theoretical instruction, practical training, and certified examinations.  Our experienced instructors  offer an extensive range of training and qualification opportunities.

If you’re working in the industry and want to increase your skills and employability, undertaking NCCCO and EICA certifications can give you the proficiency and qualifications you need in a competitive industry. 

Our instructors broad range of experience ensures that we are well-placed to deliver the in-depth training required prior to certification. Unlike many other trainers and examiners, our trainers have over 25 years’ operating experience and are conversant in the real-world challenges faced by today’s workers. Combining academic aptitude, practical knowledge and a passion to enhance safety standards, we deliver top-quality training to a range of professionals. 

When you train with our instructors at SHR Training, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain an NCCCO certification in the following areas:

  • ABL – Articulating Boom Loaders

  • ABC – Articulating Boom Cranes

  • ABW – Articulating Boom Wench

  • STC – Service Truck Crane

  • BTO – Boom Truck Operator

  • TSS – Telescopic Boom Cranes (Fixed Cab)

  • TLL – Telescopic Boom Cranes (Swing Cab)

  • LBT – Lattice Boom Truck Crane

  • LBC – Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

  • Rigger Level I

  • Rigger Level II

  • Signalperson

You’ll have the opportunity to obtain an EICA certifications in the following areas:

  • Fixed Cab Cranes

  • Swing Cab Cranes

  • Digger Derricks


Enhance your career options with NCCCO and EICA Certifications

NCCCO and EICA certified personnel are routinely required across a number of industries. As many organizations will only work with certified workers, undertaking bespoke training can give you the skills and certification you need to progress in your chosen career. 

With NCCCO and EICA cards to distinguish your achievements and level of certification, you’ll have evidence of your qualifications upon successful completion of the relevant examinations. This will enable you to undertake work up to and including your certification level, which will naturally enhance your options and enable you to diversify and extend your career. 

The combination of classroom-based instruction and practical training will provide you with the knowledge and expertise required to operate a range of equipment safely. Building on a solid foundation, the unique approach favored by SHR Training will give you the opportunity to develop advanced skills to use on-site. 

As well as ensuring you meet the requirements for certification in relation to the mandatory written tests, SHR places a significant emphasis on the practical aspects of training. This ensures you gain value from your time with SHR Training and can gain insights into equipment operation that will be used in your current and future job roles. 

To learn more or to enroll in training for NCCCO and EICA certifications today, contact Gina at 970-669-1540.

Obtaining NCCCO and EICA Certifications

To achieve NCCCO and EICA certifications, you will need to complete a written test and practical examination. The number of tests and the format of your examination may vary, depending on the specific modules and certification you undertake. 

At SHR Training, we understand the importance of thorough training and advanced safety protocols. Our training programs are customized to your specific field to ensure you are familiar with the process when the time comes for you to undertake your final examination. Our mix of classroom instruction, practical training, and practical testing gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to obtain your desired certification and excel in your chosen role. 

Committed to upholding OSHA standards and giving today’s professionals the expertise they need to flourish in the industry, SHR Training has well-established training protocols. With meaningful training opportunities and superb pass rates, learning your craft with SHR Training will ensure you can operate relevant equipment safely and skillfully.

As well as providing initial training and certification opportunities, our trainers routinely work with individuals who are approaching the end of their certification term. As these certifications typically runs for a five-year period, you will need to recertify after this time. With refresher training and top-up sessions, you can ensure you’re able to pass the relevant recertification testing quickly and efficiently. 

To find out more about obtaining NCCCO and EICA certifications with SHR Training, why not get in touch with us? Contact Gina on 970-669-1540 or email to discuss your NCCCO and EICA training and certifications now.  


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