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The GI Bill® covers more than just tuition. You can use part of your entitlement to cover the cost of certain tests you need to take to become a licensed or certified professional—or to apply for college or a training course. They only cover tests approved for the GI Bill® under this benefit, so find out what’s approved before you take any tests.


What types of tests can you get paid back for through the GI Bill®?

  • For licensing and certification

    If you’re a Veteran and you qualify for the GI Bill®, you may be able to use part of your entitlement to cover test fees up to $2,000 for a job that requires a license or certification in order for you to work.

  • What you should know about test benefits

  • They:  Will pay for tests for as many approved licenses or certifications as you’d like.

  • They:  Will pay for tests even if you don’t score high enough to get your license or certification. You can take the same test as many times as you need.

  • They:  Will pay for you to retake a test you passed if you need to take it again to get re-certified or retain a license you already have.

  • They:  Won’t pay for fees or costs related to getting the actual license or certification document.

  • Won’t pay more than $2,000 in fees for one test.

  • For tests taken after August 1, 2018, we’ll prorate the entitlement charges under the Post-9/11 GI Bill® based on the actual amount of the fee charged for the test.

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