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Get CERTIFIED or RENEW your NCCCO Telescopic Service Truck Crane (STC) with our NCCCO Certified Instructor.  This is a practical TEST only.  Still need to schedule your written or computer based test (CBT)?  No problem, we can help.  Contact SHR today for all your testing needs.

The CCO Service Truck Crane Operator certification (STC) is a subcategory of the CCO Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab (TSS) certification [similar to the CCO Boom Truck—Fixed Cab (BTF) certification] and was developed specifically for the industries that use these smaller machines.

Service truck cranes are identified by their telescopic boom, where the base and mast structure is not integral to the stabilizer/outrigger system. Lifting is typically accomplished via a winch (electric or hydraulic) and its functions (rotation, elevation, telescoping) are either powered or manual. These machines tend to have relatively shorter boom lengths (10–35 ft) and lower capacities (1–7 Tons) as compared to other Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab machines (e.g., Boom Trucks, Carry Deck cranes). Additionally, operations are usually conducted by the use of radio remote or pendant control with the operator standing on the ground following the load.  Please note that the CCO Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab Operator (TSS) and Boom Truck—Fixed Cab (BTF) certifications cover service truck cranes. Operators of service truck cranes who currently possess a TSS or BTF certification are not required to also posses the Service Truck Crane Operator certification. The reverse is not true, however. STC certification is intended only for operators of service truck cranes and not for those who operate larger Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab or Boom Truck—Fixed Cab cranes. To be certified to operate all TSS cranes, candidates must achieve the full TSS certification (Core + TSS specialty written + TSS practical). To be certified to operate all BTF cranes, candidates much achieve the full BTF certification (Core + BTF specialty written +TSS practical taken on a boom truck).

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